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Fergus likes to invent cool titles for himself, such as “Communications Specialist” or “Internet Architect”. What it really comes down to is that Fergus’s passion is internet communication. He believes that helping people communicate more effectively makes the world a better place. To this end, he seeks opportunities to help individuals, businesses, and non-profits to communicate their ideas, products, and services beautifully. Some examples of the types of work Fergus undertakes: web design, graphic design, programming, and search-engine optimization. Fergus also enjoys consulting with people about their existing web sites and strategies as well as their plans. Fergus doesn’t enjoy writing about himself in the third-person quite as much, but sometimes it seems a necessary evil.

Is the West Democratic?

The following is a reply to Don Power (@donpower on Twitter). Thanks, Don. Marx said that religion is an opiate, but I think democracy itself becomes one when it fails to include a real alternative. The best illustration is the … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Poem Especially for Tweeters

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Today’s not for tweeps, It’s only for you.

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Should Clients Pay for your Research & Development?

I was recently asked this question by a good friend and colleague, @HiredGuns.: Should clients cover R&D costs to develop something new? Or should a firm discount exploratory work b/c future projects will be easier? This question is deceptively simple … Continue reading

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Wireless Alphabet Soup – 802.11 A, B, G, N

Wireless networks (“Wi-Fi”) operate using a set of standards named 802.11. These standards are suffixed by and better known by a letter: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. The latest and fastest technology is 802.11n (or N), which offers huge speed and range boots over its predecessor, 802.11g (or G). Continue reading

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Internet Pornography and Censorship

The topic of internet censorship simply never goes away. The internet is a clearinghouse for every sort of thought and every kind of content; from classical works of art to child porn, from the earnest offerings of amateur auteurs to … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Google Wave

The recent announcement that the orphaned Google Wave project has found a new home with Apache is very exciting. This author is anxious to see what Apache will do with the technology. Meanwhile, a few others are moving into the same space and trying to address the short-comings of Wave. Continue reading

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Server & Client

In conversation with a friend of mine, I realized that he lacked a firm grasp of the client/server relationship between web browsers, also known as “user agents,” and web servers. The following has been written for him, but I decided to post it here because I believe it may be of interest to others. Continue reading

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Why You Should Use Reset Stylesheets

Reset stylesheets attempt to nullify all the default formatting assigned by browsers and reset all the HTML tags to having no styles applied. This should give a standard start point for the CSS in many browsers, which helps eliminate the browser setting some style for you that you didn’t define, thus changing the appearance of the site. Continue reading

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Javascript Scope Gotcha

I just learned something very surprising about scope in Javascript from John Resig: properties defined within the context of functions are actually placed in the global scope at the time the functions are called as well as locally in each function. Continue reading

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Welcome to Accretor’s Blog

Welcome, readers. I will be using this blog to share my knowledge of web site development, from introducing you to high-level programming concepts to specific tutorials. Some posts will focus on marketing sites and improving their search engine rank (SEO). Other posts will help you find the latest and best of the web. Yet others will help you understand the threats that lurk in cyberspace. Continue reading

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