Is the West Democratic?

The following is a reply to Don Power (@donpower on Twitter). Thanks, Don.

Marx said that religion is an opiate, but I think democracy itself becomes one when it fails to include a real alternative. The best illustration is the Obama revolution, complete with the retention of most of Bush’s policies.

Western democracy is no less dysfunctional than an economic market in which a few colluding companies offer no real alternatives. That’s something government ought to prevent as in no one’s interest but instead serves.

Meanwhile we should be ashamed to idly watch other nations fight and bleed for real change while we complacently swallow obvious lies, such as that our system is fair or that hard work allows us to prosper — in reality that is the path to literal and sheepish wage slavery.

People of the world have been stirred to action inspired by the Egyptian example. We need to promote this trend in our own behaviour. For a start, Canada’s government must repeal the outrageous financial barriers to political parties that form an anti-democratic barrier to independent candidates and grassroots political movements so that it can once again be possible for people and parties that aren’t well-funded or are new to enter and pursue different agenda than the oligopoly we now serve. And if need be, we should take to the streets to demand our right to participate as candidates in our democracy without enormous cash deposits.


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