Valentine’s Day Poem Especially for Tweeters

A stylized heart in red outline.

Here is a heart to create a false expectation that the poem will be conventionally romantic.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Today’s not for tweeps,
It’s only for you.

Eyes burning red,
I’ve tweeted since six;
You’re tapping your foot,
As I sit transfixed.

Tap, tap, tap,
My tired fingers poke,
Or is it your foot?
As you fake a choke.

Your eyes strain,
At calendar near,
And surely forgot,
As Valentine’s rears.

O! dear, O! love,
Let me finish this tweet,
I’m just so close,
To an update complete.

As you turn to go,
Defeat in your eyes,
I wave at the link, perfected in size.

The hashtags are sweet,
Just like my partner, my love,
This blog post’s for you,
(And the retweets thereof).


About Fergus

Fergus likes to invent cool titles for himself, such as “Communications Specialist” or “Internet Architect”. What it really comes down to is that Fergus’s passion is internet communication. He believes that helping people communicate more effectively makes the world a better place. To this end, he seeks opportunities to help individuals, businesses, and non-profits to communicate their ideas, products, and services beautifully. Some examples of the types of work Fergus undertakes: web design, graphic design, programming, and search-engine optimization. Fergus also enjoys consulting with people about their existing web sites and strategies as well as their plans. Fergus doesn’t enjoy writing about himself in the third-person quite as much, but sometimes it seems a necessary evil.
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