Welcome to Accretor’s Blog

Welcome, readers. I will be using this blog to share my knowledge of web site development, from introducing you to high-level programming concepts like object-oriented programming to specific tutorials in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS. Some posts will focus on marketing sites and improving their search engine rank (SEO). Other posts will help you find the latest and best of the web. Yet others will help you understand the threats that lurk in cyberspace.

Some of you may already be complaining that you’re not programmers and this can’t possibly be for you. Not so! I will present technical information in plain and easy-to-understand English. Some of the programming posts may assume a higher level of base knowledge of web technologies, but every single one of them is intended to provide something of value to both technical and non-technical readers.

Key Points:


  • Even the most technical articles are written with you in mind.
  • Learn about threats to your privacy or your sensitive information that you didn’t even know existed and how you can protect yourself.


  • Increase your understanding of what happens behind the scenes of each site you visit.
  • Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to more effectively evaluate and hire experts.
  • Learn how to get more traffic for your website by improving your search engine ranking and visitor loyalty.


  • Discover new technologies and techniques that will take your work on the web to the next level.
  • Learn programming techniques that will make you a more effective coder.

The use of categories and tags will assist you in identifying the information most relevant to you and more likely to be useful to you at your current level of web knowledge. For example, I will assign each post a category to help you seek out the subject matter of interest to you and a tag for novice, intermediate, or advanced content to help you identify the concepts that are at your current confidence level. Furthermore, key points in each article will be highlight with points of interest clearly identified for users at different levels.

So you can simply avoid the programming stuff? Yes, but there’s one argument to consider before you do. If you’re here, you probably live to one degree or the other on the web. Whether you run your own business or are a private citizen in our great technocracy, understanding how the web is put together is going to enhance your use of it, make you safer, and help you make better decisions when ordering work from internet professionals.

Welcome. Please feel at home here. Comment, feedback, let me know what works for you and what doesn’t. I am not writing this for my benefit. I am writing it for yours, so help me in my goal of constant improvement. Thanks for reading.


About Fergus

Fergus likes to invent cool titles for himself, such as “Communications Specialist” or “Internet Architect”. What it really comes down to is that Fergus’s passion is internet communication. He believes that helping people communicate more effectively makes the world a better place. To this end, he seeks opportunities to help individuals, businesses, and non-profits to communicate their ideas, products, and services beautifully. Some examples of the types of work Fergus undertakes: web design, graphic design, programming, and search-engine optimization. Fergus also enjoys consulting with people about their existing web sites and strategies as well as their plans. Fergus doesn’t enjoy writing about himself in the third-person quite as much, but sometimes it seems a necessary evil.
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